Scarlet Fever unveils Pernetti shirts

In the wake of Tim Pernetti's departure as Rutgers' athletic director, there has been an outpour of support for him through the Rutgers community. That outpour has led to a new way for Rutgers fans to show their support.
This week, Tim Pernetti shirts went on sale at Scarlet Fever, New Brunswick's main supplier of Rutgers apparel and a staple in the RU community.
The front of the shirt reads 'In Tim we trust.' On the back of the shirt is Pernetti's former No.90, which he once wore as a RU football player, topped with his last name.
Scarlet Fever owner and Rutgers graduate Steve Ostergren talked about how the idea first came about.
"It started on message boards right after everything happened with Tim. More than one person called me out and said 'Scarlet Fever, we need to do Tim shirts.' And when I saw it, there was already a lot of people saying that it was a great idea and that it has to happen."
Ostergren helped raise upwards of $200,000 selling shirts benefitting the Eric LeGrand Believe fund as well as Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.
This situation is a little different, although Ostregen felt compelled to do something.
"I talked to Tim and he didn't have a problem with it," Ostregen said. "Tim bleeds Rutgers like I do. We're both Rutgers guys and that should count for something."
While acclaim for Pernetti may not have run rampant across the country last week, those who knew him spoke very highly of him.
"I feel like I always knew Mr. Pernetti," said former Rutgers safety Duron Harmon. "I remember traveling as a freshman with the team and it was different than it was in high school. So whenever you have someone who was genuinely nice to you, it always felt good. And that was Mr. Pernetti."
Those who knew Pernetti will also remember him for some noteworthy accomplishments during his tenure at Rutgers and not just the isolated incident involving former men's basketball coach Mike Rice.
"He's done some great things in his time as Rutgers AD such as supporting Eric [LeGrand] and then the transition into the Big Ten," said former Rutgers defensive tackle Scott Vallone. "I hope his time as AD isn't defined by this one incident."
Those looking to show their support for Pernetti can purchase shirts at Scarlet Fever, located at 109 Somerset Street in New Brunswick or by ordering via telephone at (732)-247-4678.