Ask The Experts Presented by 1st Constitution's Greg Ginn
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Ask The Experts Presented by Mortgage Lending's Greg Ginn

Every week, TheKnightReport.Net publisher Richard Schnyderite and his team of Rutgers Athletics experts answer questions from Scarlet Knights fans in our weekly Ask The Experts presented by 1st Constitution's Greg Ginn. This format allows die hard Rutgers fans that are subscribers on the site to ask about recruit scoop, team news, possible coaching changes and much more. Keep your eye out each week to submit your questions for our staff or send them to


Click HERE to join in on the discussion and ask our Rutgers experts anything you can think of!

Ask The Experts is now sponsored by current Rutgers alum and Round Table subscriber, Greg Ginn (NewJerseyHawk), here is a quick message from our sponsor.

Hello to all Scarlet Knights fans– I am humbled, grateful and extremely excited to be here on The Round Table, looking to help any and all RU fans, alumni and supporters with a mortgage for a refinance or a purchase. All Conforming and Jumbo 30 year, 20 year and 15 year fixed rates are excellent. Let’s connect here or reach me via email at and in some instances for those clients who are refinancing their mortgage, there are no upfront costs, For all members of Rutgers Rivals, we are waiving $500 of closing costs as well. Please reply here, or shoot me a PM or you can start a secure application 24/7 at….Go RU…..!!!


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