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WR Sean Ryan looking for more heading into Week 2

Sean Ryan played his first game for the Rutgers football team in this past Saturday’s 22-21 win at Boston College.

On two targets, Ryan made one catch for 16 yards on an RPO in the first quarter from Evan Simon. Ryan also caught the other pass from Simon in the back of the end zone in the third quarter, but the 6-foot-2, 200-pound wide receiver came down just out of bounds.

“For sure. I thought I was in. I made that catch multiple times in practice,” Ryan said on Tuesday. “That’s something I have to bring to the table. I have to make that opportunity 10 out of 10. We reflected on it and we have to make those plays.”


Making catches and execution will be an emphasis this week for the Scarlet Knights in practice and on the weekend when they take on Wagner on Saturday at 4:00 p.m. inside SHI Stadium.

“The main goal for this week is to get as much better as we can,” Ryan said. “We have to make our plays. Sometimes we get caught in making a play if we‘re losing and doing too much. When your number is called you have to do what you can bring to the table. We have to sharpen our axe.”

Rutgers WR Sean Ryan
Rutgers WR Sean Ryan (Chris Pedota, / USA TODAY NETWORK)

Looking at the tape from the Boston College contest, Ryan thinks the offense left plays and points out there on the field.

“Just watching the ball I felt we made a lot of mistakes,” Ryan said. “Personally, I feel like I didn’t play my best game. But it is always good to build off of a victory so I’m grateful for that. We just have a lot of details to work on for next week.

“We have to come out and play together. We made mistakes in the first game. Some reps go harder than others. We have to play 100% and go all out for each other.”

Ryan likes the grind of practice as he feels as prepared as ever going into the games. It took some time getting adjusted since coming from West Virginia, but the way the team practices makes the games somewhat easier.

“I just think it was really the way we do things here as a team,” Ryan said. “Practice is harder than the game and that was something I wasn’t used to coming from my last program. I got comfortable with practice and not be fatigued. You can’t take plays off and that’s how you become a strong unit.”

Johnny Langan, a tight end, started the game taking the first snap at quarterback versus the Eagles. Joshua Youngblood, a wide receiver, took one snap too later in the game.

Every drive, Rutgers used a carousel of quarterbacks between Simon and Gavin Wimsatt as well. Ryan said the switching off in-game didn't have any effects on him or the receivers as the same thing takes place in practice.

“That’s the way we’ve been operating for a long time now so we’re used to it,” Ryan said. “We have a rhythm with both guys. We emphasize catching balls from both quarterbacks and getting equal reps in. When either one of them is in the game, we’re comfortable and we have that connection. It’s something we can handle and it’s not too difficult.”

Ryan feels like he now needs to step up given that fellow transfer Taj Harris has opted to step away from football for the time being. It is unclear when or if he’ll return to the Scarlet Knights.

“For sure. Taj is a great player and with him stepping away from the game right, it puts pressure on all the others in the room. We all want to make a great impact. We know who, but everybody wants to step up and make plays.”

Ryan made it loud and clear that the team supports Harris’ choice to focus on other matters.

“We spoke a little,” Ryan said. “There’s life outside of football and we understand that. He’s got a lot of things going on that we’re not too sure of. He made that decision and as a brother we have to respect his decision and choice and protect him. I support Taj 100% and if he needs anything I can be the first person to call.”

Linebacker Tyreem Powell chimed in as well on the situation.

“I’m hoping for the best for Taj,” Powell added. “Whatever he’s got going on, I’m hoping for the best. I’m praying for him.”

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