What they are saying about Rutgers

Scarlet Nation caught up with an eclectic group of New Jersey residents, ranging from politicians to one of New Jersey's most famous residents, Yogi Berra. Read on to see what they said about the undefeated Scarlet Knights!
"I think it's great, I root for Rutgers in all sports, not just

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Everyone is talking about the game, people are saying the Big-East and
Rutgers aint that good...Rutgers makes other teams look bad, that's
what makes them good. If you don't think they're good, play 'em and see
bad they are!" - Yogi Berra
"As a former Rutgers team captain, I am extremely proud of
what this
group of RU student-athletes has accomplished. The 2006 Rutgers team
has shown the nation their heart and soul, and has come together and
achieved something that only four other college teams have succeeded in
producing this year.
Prior to the UCONN game, I had the opportunity to attend the Rutgers
Letter Winner dinner, where the alumni honored Coach Burns and it
even more apparent to me that everyone in the Rutgers football
community has a close degree of separation. As the lineage of Rutgers
became more and more well connected for me by the end of the dinner, I
could connect teammates of mine to players who played for Coach Burns.
Thus, the connections of the Rutgers football community make it that
much more special for all the alumni. While at Rutgers I had the
opportunity to play with Nate Leonard and even had the chance to host
Brian Leonard when he came down to visit his brother. And I cannot help
but smile when I see Brian take the field. So, from the Scarlet Knights
who battled on the same field that all of you will battle on Thursday
evening, know that the Rutgers football family is united behind you.
From the Rutgers class of 2000, I leave you with this note "My father
sent me to old Rutgers, And resolv'd that I should be a man." Now it's
your time to show the nation the men you have become and the power of
RU." - Garrett Shea, Class of 2000 DB
"Rahway, like the rest of New Jersey, is excited to see the
Knights challenging for a BCS berth amid the nation's football
powerhouses. I know that over 60 of our residents will be venturing
down to Rutgers Stadium to see Rahway native Joe Giacobbe and the
Scarlet Knights battle the Cardinals on Thursday night. On behalf of
the citizens of Rahway, we wish the entire team success and look
to celebrating a victory on Thursday!" - James J. Kennedy,
Mayor of Rahway
"I think this game gives a
tremendous sense of excitiement, pride and
creditbility. I feel like we [in New Jersey] take great pride in our
high school football, and all along people felt we
should have a great college team to compliment our
high school football, and Coach Schiano and his
staff have gotten it to that level." - Dan Sabella, Bogota head coach
"As a South-Jersey legislator, I am very aware of the energy and
enthusiasm that the RU football team's record of 8-0 has generated this
season. The upcoming game against Louisville is in the hearts and on
the minds of folks not only in my district, but all across New Jersey.
I would like to thank Coach Schiano, his coaching staff and the Rutgers
football team for giving New Jerseyans a real sense of pride and
camaraderie this fall. Go get 'em on Thursday night!" - Diane
Allen, NJ State Senator
"I am especially pleased, as a New Jersey high school
football coach, that the
athletic administration of Rutgers had the guts and the foresight to
Greg Schiano as our coach, and then stuck with him when all of the
naysayers were saying that New Jersey could not have a successful
1A football program! Congratulations to Bob Mulcahy and Greg Schiano
their staff, you have made us very proud!" - Fred Stengel,
Bergen Catholic head coach (former coach of Sam Johnson)
"I like the team because they really play hard. I
coached there (Rutgers) for about 10 years, and I was lucky to
coach some pretty good defenseive teams. I especially
like their defensive team this year. The atmosphere fo
the students is absolutely wonderful, which is
something that has been lacking for years. That makes
college sports so great. That has been a real big positive. That will
change the attitude on campus
some and help permeate across the state. When kids go
back to their high schools, they will be enthused
about Rutgers. The success of the team is far
reaching." - Pete Savino, RU player (1965-1968) and assistant
coach (1969-1980)
"Congratulations to the players and coaches at Rutgers on an
outstanding season! Your efforts and success have made everyone in New
Jersey even more proud of our State University. I wish you victory in
the upcoming game against Louisville, but, regardless of the outcome,
Rutgers football has held its banner high and with pride all season
long! Thank you all for the great memories of one of finest teams
Rutgers has ever produced!" - Richard Merkt, State Assemblyman
"I think it is a
genuine excitement, from the coaches to the players to
the fans in the stae. Greg came out and told us what
he was going to do. He has fulfilled all the goals he
stated. Building the program the way he has, recruiting
the in-state kids the way he has, and including the high school
coaches.. The way recruiting goes, not just with Joe [Martinek],
but with showing interest in every county and every
high school, the high school coaches feel part of what
is going on and have a genuine excitement for it." -
Paul Reduzzi, Hopatcong head coach (coach of Joe Martinek)
"What does this game mean for the program? A couple weeks ago
when they beat Pitt, I thought 'ok now we have arrived.'
Now, a couple weeks later, if you beat Louisville, now
you have REALLY arrived. It is so great. I am so proud
of the team. You don't realize how good you feel for
the school, the players, and how far they have come.
It is just a great feeling. You don't want to sound
corny about this, but you cant help it. You are just
so happy to see they are doing well. We had some
success in the 70's, it went through the 80's and then
they had some rough times in the 90's, and early in
2000 was the lower point, but geez, what else can I
say? You just feel so good for the program. It starts
at the top, and what a job Greg Schiano has done. You see this
little progression every year - baby steps - and now
they are a heck of a team........I am a season ticket holder, have been
for a
while. People are coming out of the woodwork looking
for tickets, and they are not available. When good
players see that they can compete for a national
championship here, they will say 'Why not stay home?'. If we
can steal this kid from Piscataway (Anthony Davis) and continue to get
some of the best athletes
around, we will do fine." - Glen Kehler, RU player
"In my opinion the success of the Rutgers football program has had
residual benefits that extend far beyond the field or the Big East
standings. For the first time ever the state of New Jersey is actually
being united around a common source of pride - the Scarlet Knights
football team and by proxy, pride in our state university. The fact
that Rutgers is doing it with true student-athletes who go to school to
play football AND get a degree makes the success of the program that
much more impressive. That's one of the reasons we were so thrilled
when Kevin (Haslam) chose Rutgers. We knew that he was going to be
surrounded by quality people who would make sure he paid attention to
academics as well as football. When Kevin signed with Rutgers, it was
'Isn't it great that Kevin received a full scholarship?' Now, it's
'How's Kevin doing, isn't it cool that Kevin is at RUTGERS?' There's no
doubt in my mind that the continued success of the Rutgers football
team will result in Rutgers becoming the 'hot' school among New
Jersey's better students."
- Charles Montesano, Superintendent of Mahwah public schools
(home of Kevin Haslam)
"When it comes to Rutgers Football, I have only one thing to
say to our
friends in New York and Pennsylvania, 'eat your heart out'!" -
Patrick Diegnan, State Assemblyman