Quick Glance: Which Big Ten schools are best represented in the NFL

Fans always enjoy the "Knights in the NFL" segment of Rutgers home
games. Although Rutgers' contribution to the NFL is strong compared
to its Big East brethren, how does it compare to the Big 10? We
decided to take a look!
From there, we took a look at the number of NFL players hailing from
each Big Ten team's home state.
As you can see, Rutgers fares admirably when it comes to producing
NFL talent. The Scarlet Knights are tied with Maryland for 8th place
out of 14 with 21 players apiece. Rutgers takes a nice jump up,
though, when the home states are compared. New Jersey sits at 3rd
place with 52 active NFL players, falling behind only Ohio (81) and
Pennsylvania (58). Overall, New Jersey is 8th in the country when it
comes to producing NFL talent.
note: There is an ebb and flow to NFL rosters. The numbers listed
below reflect the sources listed below the table.
- Rutgers
- Players by State (NFL press release, 9/14/12)