Q and A with DVon Campbell

Junior college point guard D'Von Campbell became Eddie Jordan's first commit in late April, and has been on campus for several weeks preparing for the upcoming season. Scarlet Nation caught up with Campbell following last night's Jersey Mike's JSBL contest to see how life as a Scarlet Knight has been treating him.
Matt Hladik: When you chose Rutgers, you said you were familiar with them because of Coach Cox and that was one of the reasons why you came. Now that you're on campus, what have you seen from Rutgers? Do you feel you made the right decision?
D'Von Campbell: I feel I made the right decision. Rutgers is like a big family. The whole organization is a family. The people say hello. It's a good community.
MH: You're one of the new guys who came in and joined the program. What's it been like for you thus far since you got to campus?
DC: It's been good, being able to communicate with teammates early and go out there and work out with the team.
MH: The returning guards like Myles, Jerome and Logan, how have they tried to help you out and vice versa?
DC: We've been helping each other out. It's a new offense, so we're all new to it. Whatever we know, we tell the other guy. So we're all helping each other out right now.
MH: What's Coach Jordan's philosophy or what has he tried to emphasize to you guys about how you play and what he wants from you? Anything in particular?
DC: He wants easy passes and to convert on fast breaks. He wants everybody to play hard and play defense.
MH: I know it's early, but what kind of role are you expecting this year? Are your preparing to start? Come off the bench? Do you think you'll be playing 1 or 2-guard?
DC: Right now, I don't know. We've all been rotating in the one (point) and two (shooting) guard positions. So I really don't know what they have in store.
MH: What do you think you can bring to the table at guard, and what do you think some of the other guys can bring based off what you've seen?
DC: Myles, he can shoot the ball very, very well. Jerome is a leader and knows how to communicate with the team well and get guys involved. I think I can communicate with the team well and get guys involved too.
MH: Is it a little different being in New Jersey know after being from Texas and going to school in Kansas?
DC: It is different. Everything seems so compact. I'm from down South where everything is spaced out.
MH: What's your favorite thing to do on campus? Anything stand out so far?
DC: Not yet. It's summer, so I've been inside a lot. It's been hot.