One-on-One with Myles Mack

Myles Mack arrived on campus last year from the heralded St. Anthony program and, like his teammates, went through the growing pains of a young team in the Big East. He spoke with Scarlet Nation after Tuesday's JSBL action and outlined his thoughts heading into the season, including a change in how the team prepares
Matt Hladik: Looking back on your freshman year, what did you learn about playing in the BIG EAST and what have you been trying to focus on improving heading into your sophomore season?
Myles Mack: I learned that it's very physical and very hard to win a game. This year I have the mentality that I have to get stronger and become a better leader for my team. I think I've been improving in that categories and I think I'm continuing to get better everyday.
MH: Before last year, the last time you came off the bench was your freshman year of high school. Have you adjusted to that role as the sixth man? Are you comfortable doing it again this year?
MM: I'm comfortable in whatever Coach wants to do. I think he's doing it to better the team. If that's what he wants to do, I'm okay with that. I think I came off the bench and was a great spark for the team. He'll probably do it next year and I'm fine with that."
MH: You, Jerome Seagears and Eli Carter are very important to team success. How have you guys been working on building more of a rapport with each other and improving as a unit?
MM: In workouts, we're just going at each other and getting each other better. We communicate on and off the court and that builds a lot of team chemistry. I think building those bonds on and off the court and competing against each other is a great thing."
MH: Even though you guys played for rival schools, do you still keep in contact with [ex-Seton Hall guard] Jordan Theodore a lot?
MM: Oh yeah. I still keep in touch with him every week on Twitter. He's very busy and he doesn't really answer his phone, so I talk to him on Twitter. I see how he's doing and what workouts he's doing. Him and I work out with the same guy (Tarik Robinson) when we go home to Paterson. I'm rooting for him. I hope he makes it.
MH: How much has Jordan helped out your own development as a point guard?
MM: In high school I talked to him every day, asking him how I could improve my game and become a better point guard. He molded me to where I am now, telling me what I did right and I did wrong. It was a great thing.
MH: This is a big year for the program. What is the mentality of this team going into this year after you struggled through some adversity last year but also had some big moments as well?
MM: Just better preparation and being more focused. I think that wins games. Last year, we had lack of preparation. Guys went off and played how they wanted to and that cost us some games. Our preparation and execution is a big thing for us.
MH: Last question, are you going to buy your buddy Victor Cruz's book or is he going to give you a free copy?
MM: No (laughing), I'll buy it. I'll probably get a free copy as well, but the first one I'll buy.