Marcus McGill does it all

Gates Chili (Rochester, N.Y.) High School junior wide receiver Marcus McGill certainly isn't the only gridiron standout with a nickname. However, few nicknames are as appropriate as McGill's moniker, 'Mr. Do It All.'
"This kid I played with (on football and basketball) last year gave it to me," said the 6-foot-1 playmaker, who is being pursued by Rutgers, Syracuse, Penn State, Purdue and Akron. "We were talking about all my different positions and he said 'Man you're like Mr. Do It All.' I was like 'I like that, I'm going to use that."
One look at McGill's 2010 stats tells the story of this versatile athlete. On offense, McGill compiled 851 all-purpose yards, 502 of them receiving, and six receiving touchdowns. He carried the ball 12 times for 52 yards and also threw a touchdown.
On defense, he racked up 27 tackles, four pass breakups, and four interceptions while splitting time at cornerback and safety. He also ran back a kickoff for a touchdown.
Despite his ability to play all over, McGill has no doubt about what position he wants to play on the next level.
"Every school that has contacted me likes me as a wideout. When they ask me what I want to play, I tell them wide receiver. I like offense."
As for what school he wants to play for, McGill has ample time to decide. He does, however, have a set of criteria for prospective colleges.
"I want a school that is the right fit for me as a person, has a strong football tradition, and has great academics."
When it comes to academics, McGill has a specific concentration in mind, one that is not surprising considering his ability to perform.
"I want to get into communication. Some type of sports broadcasting or sports journalism," he said.
When it comes to his athletic career, surprisingly, McGill claims his best attribute as a football player doesn't involve actually playing.
"I think my best attribute is my ability to lead. I feel like I was looked up to this season even though I was only a junior."
As for his best playing attribute, McGill points to his knack for coming up with jump balls.
"It's one of my favorite things to do (catch jump balls) and the most consistent feedback I get is that I can go get the ball at its highest point," he said. "I think that comes from playing basketball all these years."
What position does McGill play in basketball you wonder?
"I'm all over," he said with a laugh.
Spoken like a true 'Mr. Do It All.'