On "The Round Table" board this week there was some back and forth discussion about recruits from New York City panning out at the college level. While some users felt that many from the Big Apple were busts in college, I maintained that the "pan out" rates were probably similar to most other areas.

Instead of using only opinions, I'd figure I'd do some research to settle the score and see if NYC is indeed a fertile recruiting ground that Rutgers should tap into. To do this, I looked back to the classes of 2010 through 2017 to see which prospects who went to Power 5 schools went on to be successful at the college level, defined by if they were a regular contributor (or are in line to do so). I also should note the player had to play in NYC, and couldn't be a NYC native that went to a school in New Jersey, Connecticut, etc. (but NYC natives that play for a school in Westchester in the New York Catholic League count).