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EXCLUSIVE: Maggie & Bart talk about their first coaching gig

Photo via @RUAthletics on Twitter

This past Saturday, the Rutgers football team played its annual Scarlet-White spring game. However, this year was a bit different because the Scarlet Knights had two honorary coaches for the game in WFAN radio show hosts Bart Scott and Maggie Gray.

The Knight Report was able to catch up with Scott and Gray post game to talk about their first ever coaching performances and talk about the overall direction of the Scarlet Knights program.

“It was a pretty fun day,” Scott told TKR. “I was just watching the guys and listening to the coaches on the sideline. This takes me back to college and it’s an important part of the process, starting a new season with new goals, and watching guys go from backups to becoming leaders. This is what it is all about today.”

“I think it went great,” Gray told TKR. “I’ve been waiting for this opportunity my whole life and I’m pretty sure I nailed it. I think I knocked it out of the park. The players and the coaches probably did most of the work, but I think I brought in a little something extra.”

The game ended in a 132-132 tie, but that didn’t sit well with coach Gray as she thought her team outplayed Bart’s team.

“I think it’s a technicality,” said Gray. “I think we all know who really won here. We got a couple bad calls, it’s spring training for the referees too. I actually think we dominated. Sometimes the numbers tell the story, but that was definitely not the case today.”

After the game, both Scott and Gray were very complimentary of coach Chris Ash and the Rutgers program. They both stated that they see a bright future ahead for the Scarlet Knights.

“I actually came to a game last year to see my former coach Jerry Kill,” Scott said. “I think coach Ash is doing a good job right now. The key to success and the secret sauce for me is being able to recruit in New Jersey and win the recruiting battle here. I think if they keep putting on shows like today and just continue to get some more wins, I think they can do that.”

Gray is also impressed with the job coach Ash and his staff are doing.

“I think Coach Ash is doing a really great job,” Gray said. “He’s obviously coming from a really big program and he has the coaching pedigree too. The stadium is beautiful, the facilities are great and of course that’s a huge part in recruiting and they understand that. I think they have the right people in place. You know how these things go. You get a good quarterback and win some games you’re not supposed to and all of a sudden things turn around and people start paying attention. I think they are absolutely on the right track.”

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