Brodie commits to Rutgers

LONG BRANCH, N..J. - Wednesday afternoon was decision time for Long Branch offensive tackle Ryan Brodie, NJVarsity,com's 7th ranked senior prospect in the state. It came down to a choice between two Big East schools, Rutgers and UConn.
This one went to Rutgers as Brodie pledged to spend his future in Piscataway, not far away from his home.
"I just felt the most comfortable at Rutgers," Brodie said.
It is the second straight year Rutgers received a commit from a high-profile Long Branch athlete as Miles Shuler did the same a year ago.
"Seeing him, Savon, all those guys, I thought 'If they're going to stay home, I should stay home,'" Brodie said.
Brodie said that proximity factored into his decision, as he will be able to start his workout routine at Rutgers after Signing Day.
"After February 1st, I'm up there two or three times a week," he said. "For me to try to play next year, I have to get ahead of the game already."
Scarlet Nation will have plenty more coverage coming up on the Brodie decision.