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Top five reasons to become a premium subscriber
Welcome to TheKnightReport.Net,

Before you decide to sign up for a premium subscription, please take a few minutes to read through what we feel are the top five reasons to become a premium subscriber as well as customer testimonials. If you have any questions, please e-mail me directly at

1. Customer satisfaction

Once you become a member, you’ll see why our site has an extremely high subscriber retention rate. We bring the news to you first and make sure your membership needs are promptly met. | Email Richard Schnyderite at right now for questions about becoming a subscriber!

2. Recruiting nuggets from Alex Gleitman / Ryan Patti

When it comes to Rutgers Football recruiting, no one has more recruiting nuggets than the duo of Alex Gleitman and Ryan Patti.

3. Community

We have premium subscribers from all walks of life. From former alumni to college students, to multi-decade season ticket holders, see why the The Round Table message board is the place for Scarlet Knights talk!

4. In-depth team analysis

Our staff provides the most in-depth analysis of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights athletics teams (Football, Basketball, Wrestling, etc.) during the week and after each game. From written reports to exclusive video content, you will get it all!

5. The staff

Alex Gleitman is our lead football recruiting analyst and is one of the most well known analysts in the Northeast, Ryan Patti is one of the rising stars in the recruiting industry, Lex Knapp is not only a RUWrestling alum, but also one of the best wrestling analysts out there, DeAnte Mitchell is a scoop king when it comes to learning the latest on hoops recruiting and Chris Nalwasky is one of the most talented team writers on the beat.

Then there is me Richard Schnyderite, who is the managing editor and publisher is regarded as one of the up and coming publishers at
So in closing, we would appreciate an opportunity to earn your business and we are eager to provide you with the quality content you deserve. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any questions.

Richard Schnyderite
Publisher of TheKnightReport.Net
Richard Schnyderite
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