Up close and personal with Scott Vallone

With 38 consecutive starts, Rutgers fans have gotten to know what to expect defensive tackle Scott Vallone on the football field. Here's a glimpse of the senior off the field as Scarlet Nation gets up close and personal with one of Rutgers' more popular players.
Bobby Deren: What is your favorite sport other than football?
Scott Vallone: To watch, it would probably be boxing. Growing up I played baseball and basketball. I grew up loving those sports. I always had a love sports, my parents always had me involved. But I have definitely taken a liking to boxing lately and I enjoy watching it.
BD: If you were not playing football right now, what would you be doing?
SV: I'm not sure. Football has done a lot for me and opened a lot of opportunities. I'd probably be finishing up my degree and looking for a job right now.
BD: Who was your favorite football player growing up?
SV: When I got into high school, my favorite defensive lineman to watch was John Randle. He was just the sack master and just so explosive and quick,. He went hard every play and was someone you could definitely model your game after.
BD: Say you have a Sunday off from football and you can eat whatever you want for a meal, would would it be?
SV: I'd probably get some Chinese food. I haven't had Chinese food in a while so I'd probably get some General Tso's chicken.
BD: What was your best moment at Rutgers?
SV: Probably last season to be honest. I know that it didn't end the way we wanted it to but all the come-from-behind victories and the overtime wins, it was just great stuff. Winning on a blocked field goal against Navy, there were a lot of exciting moments.
BD: What would be your favorite movies to watch?
SV: My top three would be Any Given Sunday, Remember the Titans and The Replacements, all football movies obviously. I like I am Legend too. That's one of my favorites.
BD: What is your favorite TV show?
SV: King of Queens is my favorite show by far. That just makes me crack up every time without fail. Growing up it was The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I like Will Smith a lot.
BD: Where do you see yourself in ten years?
SV: Hopefully playing football still. That would be a blessing. Probably just with a family, wife and kids, just having a job and working. Hopefully work is playing football.
BD: You are an Economics major, any thought in doing something related to that field when your football career is over?
SV: Probably something on the business side. I want to do something involved with sports that's like a front office position. Something involved with sports on either side.
BD: Who was the toughest player you ever faced while playing at Rutgers?
SV: Probably Johnathan Cooper from UNC. he's an offensive guard and a complete athlete; big, strong and can move well. He's probably going to be a first-round pick.
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