Thomas football career finished at Rutgers

In what was an up and down, on and off again relationship, the door has now been closed on cornerback Ian Thomas' time at Rutgers. After being allowed back on the team this past spring, Thomas failed to report back for the summer session and is no longer a member of the team.
Thomas quit the team last year during what was a very peculiar chain of events. He quit after game no.6 against Louisville as reasons given were that he wanted to pursue a baseball career.
"I didn't really see a sign that it would happen," head coach Kyle Flood said last year on Oct 15th. "It's a strange occurrence to me but it happens."
A little more than five months later, Flood then made a surprise announcement that Thomas would rejoin the team for spring practice. Thomas did just that and ended the spring working with the first-team defense at cornerback.
Thomas was made available to the media during the last week of spring practice and was both standoffish and defiant when offering up answers.
"Some guys felt a different type of way," Thomas said of his teammates' reaction to his return. "Some guys really didn't mind because they understand that people go through things in life. It was like 50/50."
Thomas will not have to worry about winning any more points with his teammates as there will be no more Rutgers football in his future.
In the final twist to this soap opera, Flood announced today that Thomas never reported back for the summer session. That was all Flood had to say on the matter.
Incoming freshman Andre Boggs will pick up some slack at the corner position, although he originally looked to be heading to the wide receiver position.
"We are currently playing Dre Boggs on defense at corner," Flood said today at his annual charity golf tournament this evening. "We will leave open the possibility of him playing some offense for us."