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The Film Room with Mason Robinson: Evaluating CB Kessawn Abraham


Former Scarlet Knight Mason Robinson returns with another film evaluation of a Rutgers commit. This week, Robinson takes a look at Erasmus Hall cornerback Kessawn Abraham, who is already on campus as a spring semester freshman enrollee.

Strengths: This kid is special. Great quickness. He can make you miss in a phone booth. The biggest improvement that I saw from his junior highlights to his senior highlights, is he ran more/deeper routes. He showed that he can catch. He did seem to get a little faster from junior to senior year. He's not afraid of contact on the defensive side. I think that's where he plays best.

Weaknesses: He can add some size to his frame. Looks like he can get caught with his eyes in the backfield in coverage. Didn't see him guard too many difficult routes on his film, just the basic high school routes. Not his fault, but he will see more route combinations at the next level.

Needs to work on: He makes great contact, but he can work on wrapping up tackles on contact. Leading with your shoulder is effective, but in the Big Ten, those running backs will bounce off of those tackles. Not all tackles, but in the crucial times, they will.

Technique: Over the technique, I really love the tenacity that he approaches each play with. Even though he's undersized, he makes up for it with heart. His cover skills can get a little better, mainly his eye discipline. But he does a great job getting around the action.

Vision: He has a very relaxed vision on every play. Meaning he's not so locked in on one thing that he can't see the rest of the field. His sense for the game helps his vision a lot. My vision for him is him being a standout cornerback that could eventually move to safety if he puts on size. He can guard shiftier players and also come down and hit.

Your rating (one, two three, four or five star): 3 star. I would not get too caught up in this, he is on the cusp of being a 4-star. I rank guys lower to motivate them and use it for the clipboards. Your stars can't save you anyways.

Final Thoughts The biggest thing that I liked was his improvement from his junior year to his senior year, which only tells me that he knows how to put in the work and will continue to get better. He is a special talent. Not sure why he put his receiver highlights up first, I think he's a better defensive back than he is a receiver, but he can also be a DB that's effective in the return game. He has the quickness; however, not sure if he has 100 yards in him to outrun everyone. Only time will tell, if they do try him out at returner. If he's able to put on the size, continue to improve the ability, pick up the playbook and understand film study, he might be able to play early in certain packages. His senior year in high school, they played against decent competition (opponents they beat had a combined record of 55-47).

Mason Robinson was a former four-star recruit out of Somerville High School and played at Rutgers from 2007-2012. Robinson owns his own training company called Shock the World.

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