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QB Kyle Bolin en route to Rutgers

Photo: Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight will mark the arrival of Rutgers grad transfer Kyle Bolin who will step in as a fifth-year senior quarterback after spending the last four seasons at Louisville. He spoke about the last couple of weeks and what it is like to now be on the verge of an entirely new experience.

“After graduating from Louisville, I got to spend a couple of weeks in my hometown of Lexington. It was fun, but I am ready to get started on the next chapter of my life. I was able to spend time with my family and friends that I have not seen in a while. After that passes, you are ready to get going.”

Bolin is also ready to begin working on acclimating to the Rutgers offense.

“When I took my visit, I was able to meet with the coaches and kind of get an idea of what type of offense they are running. It is very similar to what we ran at Louisville,” Bolin said. “It was neat going through all of the same concepts that we ran at Louisville. It is just different terminology. I have not really been able to get into learning the playbook yet. Later on tonight, when I get my physicals and everything and actually join the football team, that is when I will start meeting with the coaches and learning the playbook.”

Bolin will have about ten weeks until the start of training camp and stressed the importance of that time.

“I think the summer is where the offense makes their biggest jump passing the football. I feel like all the touchdowns you see during the fall season are a product of all the work that the quarterbacks and wide receivers, quarterbacks and tight ends, and the quarterbacks and running backs put in during the summer away from football. Getting up in the morning and talking about different routes and different coverages and then working on timing and anticipation, all that stuff goes on during the summer. I think it is the most important part of the preseason.”

The move to Rutgers has also come with an immensity of support for Bolin.

“Back at home, everybody is happy for me,” Bolin said. “I did not expect to receive this much support from the Cardinal fan base. They have been nothing but 100% positive. And I am blessed to have an impact on the fan base like I did because nothing has been more enlightening to me than being able to look at social media and seeing all the support from the Louisville fan base and having all them cheer me on.

“My friends and family have been nothing but supportive of me. They understand the opportunity I have at Rutgers in terms of playing in the Big Ten and playing against very good competition. I am just excited to start competing for a job.”

The current Rutgers team is also making Bolin’s transition a much smoother one.

“All the players have been very welcoming. It is pretty neat that I was only up there a few nights and I feel like I know these guys a lot longer than I do. They have all been very welcoming. I am just excited to start building a real relationship with them.”

Bolin expects to be on campus sometime around seven or eight o’clock tonight.