Hurley Sr. responds to Associated Press report

A report from the Associated Press Friday night generated a stir in the basketball world when renowned St. Anthony head coach Bob Hurley said he would consider coaching Rutgers for a year or two on a caretaker basis while the program stabilizes.
Hurley spoke with Scarlet Nation tonight about the report, saying his conversation with the AP was strictly hypothetical.
"As we discussed hypothetical situations; it was clearly a hypothetical situation," Hurley said. "I'm not packing my bags. I'm not going to be sitting down and talking to anybody. It was just one of those situations where we talked about isn't it better to have an athletic director in place. That's what he was emphasizing. Would you do something over a short time, so that they could hire an athletic director and try to do it so that they would get some stability.
"It's not going to happen, because I would prefer just to coach in high school."
Hurley reiterated to Scarlet Nation what he said in the original report, that one potential benefit of him coaching at Rutgers would be that he'd be able to donate some of his salary to cash-shortened St. Anthony but that he would feel uncomfortable leaving a largely senior-laden team behind in Jersey City.
"If I didn't do it at 48, I'm not going to do it (leave for college) at 66," Hurley said.
Hurley's son, Danny, was the original top target for the job but rebuffed Rutgers' offer earlier this week to sign a long-term extension at Rhode Island.
The search then shifted to RU alum and current Los Angeles Lakers assistant Eddie Jordan. Jordan is expected to meet with Rutgers officials this weekend to discuss the position and possibly finalize a contract.
Jordan's hire itself could prevent Rutgers from being crippled by roster defections, particularly if associate head coach and current interim David Cox stays on, which Scarlet Nation has been told is a possibility.
"Then you have something," Hurley said. "Then you have a guy [Cox] who knows the group of the kids. The kids are comfortable with them. Eddie Jordan has roots there and he's been a very good offensive coach at the NBA level. It would be good."