February 4, 2007

Huggins preparing for trip to KU

Two days from taking Kansas State and its seven-game winning streak into Allen Fieldhouse for a showdown at Kansas, coach Bob Huggins during the Big 12 Coaches teleconference on Monday morning discussed the importance in the Wildcats doing their part to keep the crowd under control in Lawrence. He also talked about how the improvement of Clent Stewart and Lance Harris has helped the Wildcats along the way.

Question: I was curious about the weight training at Kansas State this year. Isn't this a little more rigorous than most programs and what good is it doing?

Huggins: I don't know if it's more rigorous than other programs. I don't know what other programs do. I think our guy is terrific. He was at Cincinnati with me. Scott Greenawalt does an unbelievable job and naturally we're going to get stronger and we're going to be better conditioned and hopefully it's going to make us tougher. You can't make the kind of gains that our guys have made in the weight room without being able to push yourself and become a little tougher mentally.

Question: The way Scott is doing it now, is it a little different than the way you're Cincinnati teams were doing it say seven or eight years ago?

Huggins: No, it's all done all the same. He does some different things, I guess, just to keep it fresh in the offseason, but no, not really.

Question: You hear a lot about football players and their weight training and the lifts. It just seems like you don't hear about it as much with basketball players. Do you think this is something we're going to hear more about as programs like yours continue to be successful and keep pressing this?

Huggins: We've done it for 25 years at least, so I think everybody is doing it. I know in Conference USA everybody started doing it. They were hiring guys from Cincinnati.

Question: You've got some time left before you've got Kansas at your place, but you're going there and you know to expect just a tremendous atmosphere. How do you keep your guys from getting swallowed up in an environment like that so they don't find themselves lost in it and find themselves down by 43-8 or whatever like Nebraska did the other night?

Huggins: Well, part of the reason I wanted to play all the away games we played in the preseason was to get ready for the Big 12 and to play in those kinds of environments. We've got to do our part. If we do our part then it makes it a little harder for all of those people to get into the game and stay in the game.

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