December 15, 2009

Franklin Hangs with Remaining Targets

In recruiting, prospects can start to quickly become popular and pick up more offers in a few days than they had in the months prior to. It's no different on the other end of recruiting as coaches can find recruiting hosts who do a good job helping a recruit see all the various aspects on a campus. One player for the Sooners is freshman linebacker Josh Ibiloye.

So it should come as no surprise that the larger than life 'Ibby' played host to generally quiet Sooner commitment Aaron Franklin. The 6-foot-1, 205-pound linebacker says that his new-found friend showed him all that he could of Norman.

"My host was Ibby. He helped me meet the rest of the linebackers, they were telling me about Ronnell Lewis benching 315-pounds like 15 times and then I met Tom Wort who was rehabbing his knee," Franklin said. "I also hung out with Austin (Box), Ryan Reynolds, and Daniel (Franklin).

"I felt comfortable with all of those guys.

"More than on my unofficial visit I got to see the whole town and not just the campus. We went to Charleston's and B.J.'s and just a lot of different places."

During his time on campus he had a chance to watch defensive coordinator, and linebackers coach, Brent Venables, work with the players he met and came away with the same impressions that most who have met Venables carry.

"He is a good coach, he likes things to be right and he is very energetic and wants the best out of his players," he said.

During practice and throughout the trip he also spent some time around fellow visitors, John Cullen, Eric Humphrey, and Damon Williams. Like most of the visitors though it was the time spent at the banquet that might have been the most memorable.

"It was nice, we watched the offense and defense highlights and they had some bloopers of the players giving interviews like Gerald (McCoy), Sam (Bradford), and Jermaine (Gresham). They had some bloopers of plays and interviews and stuff. And at one point Gerald McCoy was singing Jingle Bells or something like that," he said.

On the trip Franklin was joined by his grandmother who, unfortunately, spent most of her time under the weather but came to the campus with very few remaining questions.

"She liked it but she stayed in the hotel room a lot so she didn't get to come around as much as she would have wanted to. She had already asked most of her questions the time before when we came."

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